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Cardamon Club Special Meal Deal

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Cardamon Club Takeaway Service, offers an extensive range of the highest quality food delivered piping hot to your home. All our meals are cooked to order using the best fresh ingredients and prepared by our own chefs.

We are passionate about our food and want to ensure you enjoy the most delicious, authentic dishes from traditional Indian and Bangladeshi recipes/ We have taken every step to ensure that this is a service that you will really value.

Our aim is to always deliver your food within 45 minutes to an hour, however if your order is likely to be longer, you will always be notified.
Please allow extra time when ordering weekends

Payment can be made by credit card, cash.

Cardamon is one of the worlds very ancient spices and is second only to saffron in cost. It comes from small brown-black sticky seeds which are contained in the pod of a ginger like plant.

It is best to buy the whole pods as ground cardamon quickly loses flavour.

Cardamon features in curries, is essential in Pilau Rice and is often included in Indian sweet dishes.

Bouquet: Pungent, Warm and Aromatic.

Flavour: Warm and Eucalyptine with camphorous and lemony undertones.

Hotness Scale: *****

The management reserves the right to refuse an admission without assigning a reason.

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